Joint COOL

23 Mar 2018 / Ps Betty Handojo

Joint COOL with Ps Betty Handojo
Friday 23 March 2018. 7 pm at BIC
Let's come and join! You are all invited!

BIC Anniversary Celebration

25 Mar 2018 / Ps Djohan Handojo

Let's celebrate BIC Anniversary!

You can invite your friends to come along! 

Good Friday Celebration

30 Mar 2018

The Cross and Victory
Friday, 30 March at 3pm and 6pm
With live drama, music and choir


Community Of Love

Join us! Every Friday, 7pm

We invite all of congregrations to join and be part of the community - friends and they make you as part of their family.

Let's grow together, rooted in the WORD, and win souls for Christ.

Wise Women Who Worship

Every Tuesday 10.30AM @ BIC Melbourne

BIC Prayer Services

Point Cook 
For address please see in the church bulletin.

South Melbourne

Tuesday, 6.30pm @ BIC Melbourne
29-37 Ballantyne Street, South Melbourne

Mt Waverley
, 7.15pm @ Mt Waverley Community Centre
47 Miller Crescent, Mt Waverley

South Melbourne
Friday, 12 - 1 pm @ BIC Melbourne
29-37 Ballantyne Street, South Melbourne.