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Jesus For Us Is Enough

My family has been going through some really rough times. My parents have suffered a broken relationship for the past 8 years. Things have not gone any better for us ever since my father revealed he had an affair. Read More...



The Radical Christ

I found the word "radical" can be a little too strong to be paired up with the word "Christian". I was praying recently and when I was about to utter my prayer that God will raise a generation of radical Christian, I paused and picked a softer term, “real” Christian. I could not picture in my mind "the generation of radical follower of Christ" and I'm not convinced that I am one. It was very discouraging because around that time I am supposed to be aflame with Paul’s radical claim, "to live is Christ and to die is gain". And yet while Paul’s statement echoed in my head, I knew that I could not measure up to such faith. I asked God "What is it that Paul saw and understood that I do not?" Read More...