Community Of Love (COOL)

Experience The Difference, Every Friday 7pm 

The scripture highlights the pattern of the early church congregation meeting up in a small "home based fellowship" and experiencing a family atmosphere (Acts 2:41–47). A place where they are spiritually grown and nurtured in cares, bonds, unity and interactive studying of the Word of God. COOL is not just another "church activity" additional to the Sunday Worship Service. It is designed as a small group meeting (8-15 people) to accomodate opportunities for every member to grow deeper in Christ.

Worship, Fellowhip and Discipleship

Community of Love (COOL) emphasises on Worship, Fellowship and Discipleship. This community not only encourages its members to study the Word of God but also exercises intimate relationship with God through prayer, praise and worship. It is in COOL, church members could experience warm fellowship with other fellow believers through friendship and caring. COOL is also a place to develop and multiply God-given talents for ministry in God's Kingdom; to reach out and invite others to experience life in Jesus Christ.

When and Where? How to join?

Community of Love meets once a week (usually every Friday, 7pm) at informal places such as homes and caters for everyone including students, professionals, young couples and families.

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Let's join others and "Experience the difference". Get ready for a life-changing journey to fulfil your destiny. God bless!