Learning together, growing together, love of Christ is in our heart...

The scripture highlights the pattern of the early church congregation meeting up in a small "home based fellowship" and experiencing a family atmosphere (Acts 2:41–47).

A place where they are spiritually grown and nurtured in cares, bonds, unity and interactive studying of the Word of God. Family Altar is not just another "church activity" additional to the Sunday Worship Service. It is designed as a small group meeting (8-15 people) to accomodate opportunities for every member to grow deeper in Christ.

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Youth 180

We are a people transformed by God's Love and United to make an Impact. For more informaion, please click here.


Family Fellowship


Family is a column for a church. A strong church consist of a strong family, which build a strong community. This fellowship is meant to give guidance and companion in Christ to those familiesPurpose of this ministry is to build a strong Christian family according to God’s purpose and plan and to train and equip families into the backbone of BIC Melbourne various ministries. We understand that a Strong family will impact the community for the kingdom of God. For more information, please click here.


Ladies Fellowship


Ladies Fellowship is held once a week every Tuesday, 11 am at BIC Melbourne. The purpose of this fellowship is to be a place where ladies can find destiny and fulfillment in each and every area of their lives whether in the home as a wife, mother, and home-maker, or it gifted by Christ may also be a fulfilled woman in the church. For more information, please click here.


The Channel

The Channel (Young Professional Fellowship)

A group of young adults who have a passion to be a blessing in our workplace and have a desire to reach out our work colleagues for Jesus. Our vision: Building Young Adults to be the Channel of God’s Kingdom in the Workplace.What we do running are seminars, trainings, events that will build people to be the Channel of God’s kingdom in their workplace click here.