Rudy Nurtanaya was born from a Christian family in Bandung and grew up in Jakarta Christian. His turning point is when he made the personal decision to follow Jesus at the age of ten. Since then he has an exciting journey with the living God. After completion of his first degree in management, he married to his childhood sweetheart, Suzana Tahir, they have been blessed with two wonderful children, Jonathan and Debra.

Following God’s plan, in 2001 Rudy migrated to Melbourne with the family, and continued his music studies at University of Melbourne major in piano and composition. Meanwhile, he was part of Praise and worship team at BIC.

In responding to God’s calling in his life, Rudy continued his study at Harvest Bible College and hold GradDip of Theology. Now, he is the NEXT GENERATION pastor, which overseeing 180º youth ministry and Children ministry.

His passion is to know God’s heart beat for this generation, and prepare them to be the future leader who will shape the history and change the world for Christ.