Ps Daniel Prajogo

Daniel Prajogo was born di Bojonegoro, a small town in east Java, Indonesia, but spent most of
his childhood in Jember, another small town in Java. He is the second of three brothers. Both of his parents are
committed Christians. His father was a physician, but now has dedicated his life into a full time ministry as a pastor of one church in Jember. His mother was an entrepreneur and she now fully supports her husband in ministry. He learnt to play piano since the age of 8 and this has given him an opportunity to be involved in ministry since 1979 where he played piano to accompany Sunday School (kid ministry) services in a Pentacostal church.

After completing his high school in 1986, he moved to Surabaya to undertake an undergraduate study in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. In Surabaya, he joined Bethany church which was located only three minutes walk from his house and began to be involved in praise and worship ministry as a musician and youth ministry. His ministry grew continually and in 1991 when he just finished his undergraduate degree, he was assigned to be the leader of the youth ministry until 1993. Along with ministering among young people (most of which were university students), he was also involved in several other ministries in Bethany church, including teaching School of Ministry (SOM), leading a choir team, and strategic development of Family Altar program.

Starting in 1992, he worked as a lecturer in Petra Christian University in Surabaya. He found that working as a lecturer gave him a lot of opportunities to serve people and this provided a strong link with his ministry. In August 1994, he married Elisabeth Junita Adriana, his mate since Sunday School in Jember, and three months later they both went to Melbourne to study postgraduate programs. Daniel studied at RMIT University whilst Elisabeth at Deakin University. They both completed their Master degrees in 1996. Coming back to Surabaya in early 1997, they both lectured at Petra Christian University. Daniel continued his ministry in Bethany church, this time he was only ministering in preaching and teaching. The year 1997 was also the year of joy for Daniel and Elisabeth as God gave them their first son, Eric, in the month of August.

In June 1999, through a miraculous process, Daniel received a scholarship offer to undertake a PhD degree at Monash University. This has brought him back to Melbourne for the second time and resumed the good memory he had before. He began to join Bethany International Church which was founded a year before in teaching SOM and preaching on Sunday services. His second son, Joel, was born in 2000 through a miraculous process. In early 2003, just after finishing his PhD degree, he was offered a lecturer position at Deakin University and since then he has continued his academic career until now. However, ministry is still a major part in his life, and in June 2003, he ministers as a Pastoral Coordinator of ministry in Bethany International Church where he has served until now. His commitment and dedication to ministry resulted from one statement he received from his parents long years ago saying, "We are a priesthood family, so no matter where we are and what we are doing we have to give our life to serve God and His people". His elder brother, Nathanael, is now
an associate pastor at Bethany Church in Semarang, and he younger brother is also actively involved in ministry at Bethany Church in Singapore.