Sunday School

Kids have the greatest potential to impact and change the world. Kids are important stage of life where their build their foundation of characters, faith, and principals in life which are shaped through what they watch, learn, and listen.

The world offers many channels easily accessible for children to get influenced by wrong values through media, books and technologies. We see more and more children become rebellious, disrespectful of God’s existence, trapped into addictions, which leads to a point where they don’t know who really are and what purpose of their lives is.

Kids Army for Jesus under Bethany Church Singapore is a ministry that is called to train and influence the children generation (aged 18 months to 12 years old) to be radical in their callings to follow Jesus. This ministry reflects the new wave of children church ministry in these last days, where it moves in extremely different ways from the well-known ordinary children church.

We believe that God wants this generation to experience their maximum energy and potential as the Army of God who will declare His Kingdom in the world through their lives.