"House Of Prayer For All Nations"

Welcome To BIC Melbourne!

Bethany International Church (BIC) Melbourne was established in March (early) 1998. The church is part of Gereja Bethel Indonesia (Indonesian Bethel Church). BIC was started by a group of young people who were committed and passionate Christ followers; the church began its movement to reach out to people in Melbourne, by opening homes for prayer and fellowship meetings.

Worship services were held in various venues before Ps. Djohan Handojo, the founding pastor of Bethany International Church, who is recognized for his remarkable faith and vision, was to see the fulfillment of his dream to establish a permanent home for the church, stepped in a great faith and purchased a building block on 29-37 Ballantyne Street, in South Melbourne in November 1999.

With a vision to be the House of Prayer for All Nations, the Building was dedicated as House of Prayer for all nations in March 2000, which has since become the church’s home.

Over the years, the Lord has been gracious and continues to bless the church in an amazing way. Not only that BIC has grown in numbers but was also blessed financially that it was able to undertake a much needed major rebuilding project in July 2007.

For two years, the church once again had no permanent worship place, and had to move its Sunday worship service from one venue to another. Nevertheless, the Lord’s providence and guidance throughout the process was miraculous. Finally on 25th July 2009, BIC returned home to its newly built building.

Today, BIC Melbourne has grown and become a home to hundreds of Christians from different ages groups and backgrounds and with grace of God; BIC Melbourne will continue to fulfill its calling to be the House of Prayer for All Nations.